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Jetting Out Teeth Correction

Teeth can be in an improper position in the dental arch in various ways. Front teeth can be flaring outwards, also called ‘jetting out’.The cause Of such condition can be due to periodontal disease (loosening of gums) or dental malocclusion. Such condition can be treated by orthodontic therapy if patient factors such as treatment span (1-2 years), Oral hygiene, age, and bone condition permit. If not orthodontics, smile designing can be done using a combination of aesthetic Crowns, veneers and bridges. The advantage of this strategy is the time period, as it can be done in the teeth are prepared in such a manner that they receive the crowns and veneers of the proper shape, giving an ideal alignment to the arch and a natural look that suits the best to the patient. If there is a chance of pulp exposure (nerve of the tooth) during preparation is anticipated, an intentional root canal treatment (RCT) is done beforehand.

In other condition compromising aesthetics, jawbones can also be at an improper position (skeletal malocclusion), with teeth either in normal position or abnormally placed. Hence, the condition can be either due to skeletal reason or both skeletal and dental reason which can be judged with the help of radiographic examination along with study models. If just skeletal, orthodontics is the only right choice of treatment, a dental malocclusion superimposed on skeletal one can be treated by just orthodontics, provided if patient factors permit or by crowns and veneers as discussed above. Sometimes, a combination of orthodontic treatment along with crowns and veneers can also be done as per requirement.