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Nobel Guide Computer Guided Surgery

The new concept

The new concept represents a step forward in the development of protocols that are easier and more patient-friendly. By combining a unique computerized planning program, a surgical guided template and it is possible to surgically place implants in bone using a flapless technique and to insert fixed teeth during a single visit at the dental office.

Treatment solution

This treatment solution is intended for partially edentulous as well as completely edentulous jaws (no teeth present) where:

  • Sufficient amount of jawbone exists.
  • The quality & density of the jawbone is adequate for immediate loading.
  • Opening the mouth at least 50-55 mm is possible (important especially for lower jaws while teeth are present in the opposite jaw).
  • The medical health of the patient is not compromised.

A Unique Planning and Treatment Solution

The teeth-in-an-hour™ protocol is a unique solution made possible by the ®system from Nobel Biocare, Sweden. A custom-made precision drill guide and a pre-fabricated prosthesis, based on ct images and virtual planning, can be made before surgery. All major decisions of the treatment are made during software planning. The execution of the implant placement that follows is performed with minimal surgical procedure, an intervention like flapless surgery.

Computerized Technology

The rapid development of computerized tomography (CT) scan techniques have made it possible to fully visualize the placement of implants in a real 3d environment Before they are even placed, for their accuracy in final treatment.

High Precision

The use of surgical templates to place implants has been shown to provide added value and surgical templates with high precision sleeves have optimized Teeth rehabilitation since planning is both anatomically and final position of the teeth driven.

The Result

It allows the possibility to provide patients fixed, well-functioning, and esthetic prostheses on implants. It is always recommended being on the temporary prosthesis for the healing time of about 3-6 months, followed by Procera implant prosthesis (PIP), which is a titanium-acrylic based fixed prosthesis. Thanks to the flapless technique, this treatment will be a totally fantastic experience for your patients with

  • Greatly reduced healing time.
  • No significant pain nor swelling.
  • Very comfortable & quick procedure.