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Full Mouth Scaling & Polishing

Dental Cleanings Involve Removing Plaque (Soft, Sticky, Bacteria Film) and Tartar (Calculus) Deposits That Have Built Up on the Teeth Over Time. Your Teeth Are Continually Bathed in Saliva Which Contains Calcium, Phosphorus, Fluorides and Other Substances Which Help Strengthen and Protect the Teeth. While This is a Good Thing, It Also Means That We Tend to Get a Build-up of Calcium Deposits on the Teeth. Usually, It is Tooth Colored and Can Easily Be Mistaken as Part of the Teeth, but It Also Can Vary From Brown to Black in Color.

if the Scale or Calculus (Tartar, as Dentists Like to Call It) is Allowed to Accumulate on the Teeth It Will Provide the Right Conditions for Bacteria to Thrive Next to the Gums. The Purpose of the Cleaning and Polishing is Basically to Leave the Surfaces of the Teeth Clean and Smooth So That Bacteria Are Unable to Stick to Them and You Have a Better Chance of Keeping the Teeth Clean During Your Regular Home Care.

Commonly Used First is an Ultrasonic Instrument Which Uses Tickling Vibrations to Knock Larger Pieces of Tartar Loose. It Also Sprays a Cooling Mist of Water While It Works to Wash Away Debris and Keep the Area at a Proper Temperature. The Device Typically Emits a Humming or High-pitched Whistling Sound. This May Seem Louder Than It Actually is Because the Sound May Get Amplified Inside Your Head, Just Like When You Put an Electric Toothbrush Into Your Mouth.

It’s Recommended Visiting Your Dentist Every 6 Months for Then Regular Checkup & Full Mouth Scaling & Polishing.

Bad Breath Treatment

Halitosis, Breath Odor, Morning Breath or Bad Breath Are All Similar Terms Used in Dentistry to Describe a Markedly Obnoxious Odor That is Exhaled on Breath of Individuals. Though It is Not a Serious Health Condition, but Can Adversely Affect Our Interpersonal Relationships.

We Are Quite Familiar With the Fact That Consumption of Certain Foods Like Onions and Garlic Can Affect Our Breath. This Happens Because These Types of Foods Are Mainly Absorbed by the Bloodstream and Then It is Transferred to Our Lungs, Thus We Exhale Bad Breath. However, the Bad Breath That is Caused Due to Consumption of Certain Foods is Temporary and It is Eliminated After Few Hours. But the Bad Breath That is Caused Due to Tobacco Products, Smoking, Periodontal Disease, Improper Cleaning of Dentures and Poor Oral Health Need Immediate Medical Attention as Bad Breath Caused Due to These Reason May Cause Further Damage to Your Oral Health. Bad Breath That is Caused Due to Abovementioned Reasons May Adversely Affect the Bloodstream, Lungs and Stomach.

We at Dr. Ragi Chandrika’s Dentistry Are Well Equipped With Latest Methods and Products Like Breath Rx Treatment, to Treat Patients With Bad Breath. We Will First Find Out the Root Cause of Bad Breath and Offer Treatment Accordingly. Our Dentists Will First Determine the Odor Source and Then Plan Treatment for the Patients So That They Can Get the Best Treatment Possible Bad Breath Problem. If Your Odor is Due to Gum Disease, Then We Will First Treat the Disease and Make Your Oral Health Better to Stop Bad Breath Problem.

If the Bad Breath is Exhaled Due to Gum Disease, Then Immediate Medial Attention is Required. In Gum Disease, the Gums Tissues Have Pulled Away From the Teeth and Deep Pockets Are Formed Where Odor-causing Bacteria is Accumulated. It Requires Professional Cleaning to Remove the Bacteria and to Treat the Gum Disease. Sometime the Dentists May Also Ask You to Replace Faulty Tooth Restorations Because It Can Be a Breeding Ground of Odor-causing Bacteria.

So, if You Are Suffering From the Problem of Bad Breath, Then We at Dr. Ragi Chandrika’s Dentistry Can Offer You Breathe Treatment to Eliminate the Odor-causing Bacteria Permanently and Offer You New Confidence. Sometime the Food Debris and Oral Bacteria Produce Unstable Sulfur Compounds Due to Which the Person Exhales Bad Breath. Fortunately, It Can Be Treated at Our Multi-Specialty Dental Clinic. Besides, Bad Breath Treatment We Also Offer Oral Health Plan That Includes Tongue Cleaning, Daily Flossing, Regular Professional Cleanings Etc. All These Are Necessary to Maintain Better Oral Health and to Prevent Bad Breath for Future.