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Braces (Metallic or Tooth Colored Ceramic)

Dental Braces (Also Known as Orthodontic Braces, or Braces) Are Devices Used in Orthodontics That Align and Straighten Teeth and Help to Position Them With Regard to a Person’s Bite, While Also Working to Improve Dental Health.

Lingual Braces

Lingual Braces Are Custom Made Fixed Braces Bonded to the Back of the Teeth Making Them Invisible to Other People. In Lingual Braces, the Brackets Are Cemented Onto the Backside of the Teeth Making Them Invisible While in Standard Braces the Brackets Are Cemented Onto the Front Side of the Teeth. Hence, Lingual Braces Are a Cosmetic Alternative to Those Who Do Not Wish the Braces to Be Visible.

Clear Aligners Invisible Braces

If You Go Through Smile Designing Using Clear Aligners You Can Attain the Smile You’ve Always Wanted. Smile Design is an Exciting New Idea in Dental Treatment That We Offer Our Patients. Dr. Ragi Chandrika’s Dentistry Will Provide You the Best Clear Aligner Solutions for Your Teeth and Lead to Desired Results From the Treatment.