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No Prep / Prepless Veneers

Prepless Dental Veneers Provide Appreciating Aesthetic Features to the Minor Defects of the Teeth. They Are an Excellent Option for Patients Who Want Veneers but Are Hesitant to File Down Healthy Tooth Enamel. It Also Helps Them to Prevent Loss of Enamel From the Natural Teeth. Prepless Veneers Appeal to Many Patients Because the Procedure Can Be Reversed. Since the Process is Reversible if Patients Are Not Convinced With the Way They Look After the Treatment, They Can Get It Reversed With Professional Help. Your Natural Teeth Will Not Be Affected, Even if You Opt for Getting Your Veneers Removed.

These Are Some of the Major Recent Advancements in the field of Aesthetic Dentistry Which Help in Following the Basic Concept of Conservative Dentistry in the Aesthetics. They Are an Excellent Choice for the Patients Who Do Not Want to Opt for the Traditional Veneers. It is Directly Brought From the Laboratories Based on the Records and Details Sent to Them From the Dental Clinic.


  • A Straighter, Youthful Smile Which Provides a Boost of Confidence in the Patients.
  • Whiter Teeth That Will Not Stain or Dull. This is a Major Plus Point of the Prepless Dental Veneers Which Makes It a Priority Option in the Veneers Category Than Its Counterparts.
  • Veneers Custom-crafted to Fit Your Smile.
  • Porcelain Material Looks Like Natural Tooth Enamel. So, the Aesthetics of Your Teeth Is Maintained Consistently Even After the Prepless Dental Veneers Treatment.
  • Non-invasive, Conservative Dental Restoration. There is No Requirement of Removal of Enamel From the Teeth Like in Other Types of Veneers. The Veneers Are Fixed in Such a Way That They Adhere Directly to the Enamel of the Tooth. You Will Not Get Your Teeth Drilled in Any Way for the Adaptation of the Veneers to the Teeth.
  • Appreciable Bonding Strength. These Types of Veneers Have Got Excellent Strength Associated With Bonding to the Teeth. So, It Lasts for a Long Period.
  • Reversible, if You Decide to Return to Natural Teeth.
  • Anesthetic Usually Unnecessary During the Procedure.

If Your Teeth Are Clinically Sound and You Are Happy to Invest in This Type of Veneers, Then Prepless Dental Veneers Are a Fantastic Option for You. We at Dr. Ragi Chandrika’s Dentistry Need to Analyze Your Smile to Be Sure That You Are a Candidate for Prep-less Veneers.